We had a wonderful Chat meet in Bath -
several came from various parts of the UK -
we spent the nite in Bath - everyone stayed
in my room lol - what a pile of people !
Stealthfox- one cool dude - but fiddles with
everything ! His artwork is featured at another
page on my website -see talented artists
Shifted and wife Deb
My Dear Mrs. Katiefixit -
aka - Katie
Her talent is featured also
on my website elsewhere -
what is not featured is her
other talent - cooking - OMG
what a good cook she was !
Loved the UK
Telephone booths !
Speakers Corner in Hyde Park - quite
an interesting phenomena
Speakers there are allowed to speak
as long as the police consider their
speeches lawful. Profanity is Not
allowed - otherwise "anything goes"
Camden Market
Modern Art at a Museum in Scottland - note
those are real cars and the "land" they are
sitting on is all "Junk Mail" -piles and piles of it !
Grayfriars Bobby -see
the story behind the
Brit Kids Celebrating a soccer
win for the UK - spent a bit too
long in the Pub I'm afraid lol-
taken at Trafalgar Square
I was honored to meet Zibi and Dana - from
Poland - these were their  two wonderful kids
Ewa and Chris - also got to meet their grandpa
TATA who served the most
wonderful Polish food to me.
Ewa and Chris  were professional
dancers in Poland
Topper in Blackpool - always regretted that at the time I didnt know Itchy
and Mrs Itchy or Smeg and Mrs Smeg who lived nearby - had a restful
stay in Blackpool - but wow was it cold !
Edinburgh Castle
Princess Diana and Dodi
al Fayed Memorial in
Harrods Department
Store in London
Zibi and Dana