Precious Moments in Chat
safenode_101: when you get past 50...lots of things don't load up
Do Not click here if the subject of Bestiality bothers you in the least - but this was a hysterical conversation
- I was so sore the next day from laughing.......
cyber_doe87: toppler did i tell you i did a report on you?
cyber_doe87: it was a report on a person who helped shape our life
cyber_doe87: i wrote on how fascinating you were
gripejuice: i swear that is joe pesci speaking... voice goes through me like grass through a goose
gripejuice: makes my ears hurt
gripejuice: honestly it does..just grates on my lugs
isolde121: Does anyone know where I can find a dark guy?
Gripejuice: try africa
o_no_mind_000: detroit
Rats_are_ppl_too: had been online 2 years before a girl tried to cyber me..and i ran like the clappers
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