Oh Canadaaaaaaa..........
Teahouse Luke built for China !
What a talented man !
My trip began when I traveled to
Canada to meet my Dear friends
Luke and China - as always had a
wonderful time with these two !
Off to New York to Visit
with Nomind and his
Doggie Topper- as
always the scenery there
is unbelievable - just one
of the views he looks at
every morning !
Onward to Pennsylvania
and the first thing I saw was
the site below ! Just
breathtaking !!!
Finally got to meet my lovely friend from
New Zealand -
we took a little jaunt to Reading PA
After a brief stay in Pennsylvania Pepper
and I headed to a small chat meet in Ohio-
met up with Ron and Rushmore
and their wives -
had a wonderful and all too brief visit with
them !!!
We all met for lunch at a
German Restaurant in
Columbus Ohio