My Lovely friend, Pepper, met me at the airport - our first
meeting and yet it was if we had known one another all of our
lives !!! What a classy lady- she reminded me that my stay
there would be all too short to get in all that there was to see
in NZ - how right she was, but we made the best of the time
we had, and drove to many places,
she has a website that really
is a tribute to this wonderful country...
ask to see it if you see her in chat - its a lovely place...
My first nite in NZ I was out on Peppers patio
smoking in the middle of the nite - looked up in
the sky and saw one of the most unusual things I
have ever witnessed - the picture at the left does
not do it justice as I saw a round circle of light in
the night sky - and it wasnt moving -
I thought I was seeing things ( losing it )
Pepper got up during the nite and I had a chance
to show it to her - she identified it for me, and
reassured me I wasnt losing it - lol - what a site to
behold - this can only be seen in the southern
hemisphere and not all the time either - I felt it
was a sign of a great visit - how right I was !!!
Hey - get your mind outta the gutter -
it looked like it was going to fall over
and I was just holding it up !!