Solitude Snowing

Solitude snowing
Covering layer upon layer until
it becomes so thick, so heavy it seems like at last
I’m safe- I’m safe.

And it’s clean, it’s pure, it’s comforting
unless somebody comes to shovel it
away- or somebody walks through it-
or some dog soils its pure white color.

Yes, even the sun is against me-
for my solitude, my refuge melts away
and I am left …… vulnerable, naked.
Alas, a dream, a false hope, sheer folly,
and even the snowman doesn’t care.
Great tall Redwoods stand
A picture painted by God
Destroyer….is man. !
White clouds flow gently
To their maker in the sky
Behold… day is done !
A dream tis folly
Frittering in dream catching
Wake Up ! Silly Ass !
Life is just a parade of good byes
Yes - thats what it is...
They march in front of you
And maybe they mark time - for a
little while  - if your nice
But then ..its good bye again.

You brush shoulders, or touch for
one solemn moment
In the night and then....It's good
bye again, and you 're alone
Watching … watching  the parade
go by.
Too scared, too afraid, to join in.
Rose  (Sophmore Year)
Whirl the winds lightly
Along white sandy seashores
Give me....Solitude !
Captured one dreamer
by a wizard in denim
Silence! Throbbing heart !
Let us return to the poignant memories of the Lake
in the  dreams you told me of.
Its stillness is shattered by the bright  moon and stars
above as they reflect on its surface.
Hold me tenderly and let's share our dreams
long into the  night.
My dream of being at your side...
Yours of being with me.

Our sentences punctuated by tenderkisses, our paragraphs
with making love....Our poetry, written on one another's
bodies  is an Ode to passions indescribable.
We search for the  answers in one anothers arms.

Together we will rewrite the Kamasutra.In our embracing
we become one, one heart , one   indiscernible body.
Our clothes, not needed for this journey we are taking,
are discarded appendages. We become one unified soul.
The stars in the sky pale by  comparison to those
I find  in your eyes as they search  mine.

We search for the answers to who you are -
to who I am - to who "We" are. These escape an easy
definition. I think I know what "I" was once, in days -
before you, but it has become ambiguous with each passing
year, and I am not so easily defined anymore.

Is it infatuation, is it love ? The distinction
becomes mired by that which is real and that which is
a dream, this dream we share to come alive again.

Willows sway as I speak to you of my admiration for you.
I believe in you, I celebrate you. My heart flutters as you
unmask me. I soften with your words.
I hunger for you as you pull me close to you  and
I melt in your arms.
I breathe your name and our  lips brush.

I breathe the same air as you breathe oh so far
away...and you are here, I feel the warmth of your
breath on my face.

I gently run my fingers along your face- tracing your
features and we tremble as we diminish the space
between us and become one.
Rose ( Topper)
Falujah troubled
Random Acts of
Be here, Lord,
Alone chapel time
Oh Lord, I am not worthy
see my troubled heart