Oopsy and Hottie deep in Conversation !
Lol - Dirt  gettin grabby with Funnys Butt  Pilsy in Sunglasseson the
left, Think Later is in the sunglasses on the right , Kathe Sue
is next to Dirt !
this one needs no explanation lmao - Seashell Marie - !!!!!
Lemom, Seashell, Oops, Q and of course
the Man who can command such a captive audience - Biggie !
Jungle Catz
Fannys Butt, Funny and Catz
Minxie, Ven, Mrs. Smartass, Dammitman, ?? and of course our darlin Sassy !
Dirtracin, the Funnyface, then Seashell
Lancaster PA Chatmeet 2001 !!!!!