I have met my love
When I compare this present
With feelings of the past
My passion is now as if
I have never loved before.

If is should happen
That we never meet again
I would not complain
And I doubt that he or I
Would feel that we were left alone.

Soon my life will close
when I am beyond this world
And have forgotten it
Let me remember only this
One final meeting with you .

If I lay my head upon his arm in the
dark of a short spring night.
This innocent dream pillow will be the
death of my good name.

Though I do not want to live
on in this floating world
If I remain here,
Let me remember only
this midnight and moonrise.

Ah, summer grasses!
All that remains
Of the warriors dreams.

The pregnant teen watches
the sex-ed film
          without taking notes.

a fifty-page report
of detailed plans
for saving trees

cold cream takes
off the eyeliner...
leaves the bags
My grumbling wife -
if only she were here!
This moon tonight...

For you too, my fleas
the night passes so slowly.
But you won't be lonely

I burn to be loved.
Fire and Flesh are the same.
Smoke me out, lover.

The old pond;
the frog.
viewing the moon
no one at the party
has such a beautiful face


Old Battlefield, fresh with
spring flowers again
All that is left of the dream
Of twice ten thousand warriors
slain.  Basho

My love is like the grasses
Hidden in the deep mountain,
Though its abundance increases,
there is none that  knows.
  Ono Yoghiki
Hoping all the time
that we should meet in my dreams
I spent the whole night,
with out being able to sleep.
When the dawn comes,
with the flicker flicker of sunrise.
How sad the helping each other with our clothes.
Since I am convinced that
reality, Is in no way real,
How then am I to admit
that dreams are dreams?  
It is for your sake
That I walk in fields in spring
gathering green herbs,
While my garments hanging
Are speckled with falling
First Kiss,
Aftertaste lasts
Sixty Years....
Night lies beside me,
Chaste and cold as a
sharp sword.
It and I alone.
Amy Lowell
Lines define his face
In his heart he wants to speak
And no one hears him
New perfume
I almost forgot
her lies....kadiz
The song in the background is being
performed by
my friend, Liquid Rockface
who plays Violin in a
symphony in  South Africa -
he is also a talented webmaster !
Note: many of the poets on this
page are anonymous -
Mountain, Winter Storm
Wind leaves her lover with Spring
Paramjit Singh
Your path has unfolded
so pleasantly for me Lord.
Love : I will obey!  
country church—
more asleep in the graveyard
than in the pews
Janice M. Bostok
We were desparate
to find each other. At last,
  found! Eternally
Pushing your buttons
Without trying. Passion flows
Without end, it seems.
I saw you sleeping,
Peaceful and smiling
Secure in my love.
Silly girl! Poof?
Not fragile bubbles popping.
Much more! Divine love.
Let peace flow within,
Trust that I Am present now.
I Am in this too.
                Jesus Christ
Forgive me
that I ignored the sun
And that I lived in sorrow.
Forgive, forgive, that I
Mistook too many others
for you.
After a long nap
the cat yawns, rises and goes out
looking for love
Where do I put you
in my defined paradigm
of life before you?

A paradigm shift.
Scaffolds removed.
Held firm in God's hand.

A new structure grows
over time as clearer sight
erects on better.
Dance for me once more
Before sunset....