Katie, Fixit and Topper visited
"The Bridges of Madison County"
Drawing of Wolf Bridge -
burned down by kids.
Francesca's Farmhouse - we were unable to tour
it as it was to open on May 1-  just our luck !
View from Rosemond
Katie and Topper
John Waynes Birthplace
The town square at Winterset, Iowa
where the movie was filmed !
Clint Eastwood stood here !
So did Fixit and Katie and Topper !!!
Rosemond Bridge
My old dreams were good dreams that didn't come true
but I am glad I had them. --from The Bridges of Madison County
There are songs that come from the blue-eyed grass,
from the dust of a thousand country roads.
The Bridges of Madison County  by Robert James Waller, 1992
"This kind of certainty comes but just
once in a lifetime!"
The Bridges of Madison County
I don't want to need you because I
know I cant have you!
I mean, I don't remember
the last time that my
husband made love to me
so passionately that he
transported me to Africa,
for christ's sake!
And frankly...I don't think he ever has.
Topper and Fixit
Mini Clip from the movie here